About the MCAS

About the MCAS

Each spring, Massachusetts students take the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System, or MCAS, exam. Mathematics is one of the subject areas assessed at grades 3-8 and again at grade 10.  The questions on the test assess a student’s understanding of each of the learning standards described in our state frameworks.

The Mathematics MCAS consists of three types of questions:  Multiple Choice, Short Answer and Open Response.  The test is completed in classrooms on a day the school chooses, in the window of times provided by the State. This year’s Math MCAS will take place on May 13 and May 14.

Students will be issued one of four levels of proficiency:  Advanced, Proficient, Needs Improvement and Warning.  We want all our students to earn “Proficient” at the minimum.

According to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE),

“Students must either earn a scaled score of at least 240 on the grade 10 MCAS ELA and Mathematics tests, or earn a scaled score between 220 and 238 on these tests and fulfill the requirements of an Educational Proficiency Plan (EPP).”

The MCAS is currently in a transition period.  Through 2017, only the standards that connect the 2000 Frameworks and the 2011 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) will be assessed. The following years, only the new CCSS framework will be included in the assessment, as the 2000 Mathematics Frameworks will be phased out.

The percentage of items included in the Math MCAS by conceptual category is shown below.  Click on the picture for more information about Category percentages.

Picture 2


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