Geometry H

Geometry Honors. (Semester 1, Block 1;  Semester 2, Block 4) 5 Credits

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Algebra I

Textbook: Saxon Geometry. Austin: HMH Supplemental Publishers, 2009.

Course Description: Honors Geometry introduces students to vocabulary, concepts, formulas and methods of reasoning that will be used in advanced math classes. The course content develops knowledge of the procedures of logic necessary for solving problems and proving theorems. Several methods of proof are explored and utilized to rediscover traditional theorems. The relationships that exist among geometric figures, both plane and three-dimensional, will be developed sequentially through the topics of congruence and similarity. The importance of ratio and proportion, translation and reflection will be explored along with their applications to real life problems. Area, volume, and right triangle trigonometry relationships will be introduced and used to solve many real life problems. Students taking Honors geometry are expected to have a thorough knowledge of the topics covered in Algebra I (i.e. solving linear equations, solving systems of equations with two unknowns, slope, distance and mid-point formulas). Two-column, paragraph, and analytical proofs will be a major emphasis during the course. A project done outside of class will be required of each student each term to give students an opportunity to do in-depth research.

Geometry Honors Course Syllabus


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