Russian Square Puzzle

Have you seen the Russian square puzzle? The puzzle pieces include a small square and 4 non-congruent, right trapezoids. Fit the five puzzle pieces into the square area without any overlap. Sound easy?  Clicking on the picture will link to an interactive site so you can try to solve it. Good luck!


Helpful Hints:

  1. The pieces will not fit perfectly into the square outline.
  2. There will be some space left uncovered, but none of the pieces should overlap each other.
  3. Put the square piece in the middle, at a 45 degree rotated angle.



About Ms. Miles

I've taught mathematics for over 22 years. I love teaching math. Interests outside of teaching include learning and doing math, playing the piano, singing in a worship team, origami, kayaking, bicycling, swimming, collecting sea glass and shells.
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